Waiting for my Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a new holiday in Estonia and actually, we call it a Friend’s Day instead and it’s not so awfully romantic at all. The media has tried to sparkle it up a bit and present it as a romantic day but even among youth, it is still more a day when you make a small present for your friend perhaps and nothing else.

As I have worked as an English teacher for ages, I have always added Valentine’s Day to my lessons as an interesting culture example of English speaking countries and so for me, it has been a romantic day all the time. During the last years, it has stepped out of my English books and started to be a real Valentine’s Day for me as well. And I must admit, that I like it a lot. It’s nice to be someone’s Valentine and it’s nice to be remembered and spoiled with a cute present and feel loved. It’s actually so much more than just nice.

My Valentine’s gifts this year were very red, hearty and also sweet but that part I have eaten already. I especially liked that sharing everything with you because it’s exactly how I feel and it’s exactly how we really are. We like to share everything and that’s the best part of our relationship.

A long-term relationship, unfortunately, doesn’t let you be with your loved one every single time when there’s a romantic day. Maybe we are just two well-matching romantic halves but we have managed well so far – believing in each other, supporting and loving, and also missing, longing and loving, setting our Big Goals, planning, sitting at the airports, reading flight schedules for pleasure, dreaming and making wish lists for our travels and other dreams and having long chats on the Internet. That’s why my Valentine’s Card has two sides  – one for the life on the Internet, especially on FB messenger, the other for our times spent together, both have been good.

And now I am waiting for my Late Valentine’s Day in Dublin, just 4 days to go.

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