Yellow leaves and Christmas lights

It’s always so nice to be back and feel that nothing hasn’t changed, only some things have appeared or disappeared and this time the Christmas lights had been lit just a few days ago. The lights in Grafton Street were turned on earlier but the lights on Henry Street had been turned on just at the weekend before I came. This time they had changed the lights and there was again something new and Dublin had got a bit different face for these Christmas. When I am coming back for the real Christmas I will definitely look around a bit more – do some window shopping and some real shopping, check the Tayto Crisps Sandwich display at Arnotts and visit the Christmas Markets all around the town, go to listen to the Christmas Carols, see the Luminosity Festival , the New Year Parade on the last day of the year and enjoy every single day of these weeks.

But despite the Christmas lights on the streets, the trees in front of our home were still yellow and it felt like in October. That’s OK for me – I will get snow in Estonia anyway if I want it or not 🙂

The Blessington street Basin

Just a day before I had to fly back we visited another nice hidden park, just beside our home. Funny, that I had never been there because it was so close. The Blessington Street Basin had been a water reservoir in the past and after that made into a public park.

It was such an old small place, with a pond with the water birds in the middle and narrow walking path around it. Sean said it’s a place where the parents bring their children to feed ducks and because of that, there was a big board where you could read what the water birds eat and what they don’t eat and what can you find from the park to give them. That’s a good idea and helps you to explain to your children that the birds don’t eat the same things that you fancy and very often it could be very dangerous to feed them with a wrong stuff.