Another park on my list

This summer is a bit different. But every summer has its warm days, nice days and days when you just want to step out of reality, even if it lasts only for a little while. Have been staying near a big green and probably nice park but still haven’t had a chance to walk around there. Today I had a chance and even if it wasn’t the warmest day of this summer I tried to forget it and made it a summer day. And it was again a time to test my new camera. I hope that I will start to love it. At the moment I am still quite confused how to use it properly but so far it has been a great fun anyway.



Malahide again

This time we didn’t go to the Castle but just wanted to have an early dinner. The first place that we tried didn’t have anything appetizing, so we drove around and decided to head to Malahide town, a nice place beside the sea.

malahideThe weather was brilliant and we found a nice local restaurant which offered monkfish as their specials. who can say no for a monkfish, especially when it’s so well cooked? We couldn’t and had monkfish, all three of us.

Malahide seemed to be a nice small town where I would love to come back and wander around a bit more. The seaside walking paths will take you back to Dublin and that’s what I’d like to do one day – take a bus and then walk as long as I can.

And I could wear my new dress 🙂