My missed Valentine’s Day

You can’t count on planes and weather but we still can count on each other even when it’s hard and the things don’t work out as we have planned. And that’s all that really counts. Even if I missed the Late Valentine’s Day, I can see how it could have been if the storm Doris hadn’t cut our wishes. It’s sad and sweet at the same time to see how well everything was planned and how much I was waited for. These are the pieces of what I would have got if I had managed to reach Dublin. And that’s exactly how the long-term relationships feel – probably more romantic because of the shortness of every moment that you can spend together in reality but sad as well because of the same reason.

That’s exactly what was waiting for me besides of all the plans that we had for this short weekend. But we just put it on the waiting list, whenever the time will come. Who said that the Valentine’s Day has to be in February – we will just make a new calendar for ourselves and one day we will have it all. I know it, that’s why I have already started to make the next plans. You have to make the work to fit into your life, not your life to fit into our work.