Opera in the open

Every Thursday in August, exactly at lunchtime, at the Amphitheatre, which is situated at the Civic Offices near the Wood Quay you can enjoy the open air operas.

1-IMG_6503We went to see the Magic Flute by Mozart and it was great. Even the weather didn’t matter and when it started to rain the whole audience took out their umbrellas and continued. Of course, the poor singers got a bit wet, but mostly we were lucky with the weather.

It was almost like the real opera, just without all these decorations and costumes and to make it easier, there was a story-teller who just came and told what is going to happen and who is who and actually that was quite funny and really helped to keep yourself on the track better than without that.

As Magic Flute is a comic opera, the mixture of the past and nowadays was very enjoyable, The singers were the young musicians and opera students and they seemed to enjoy it a lot.

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This opera was not so well known for me, I hadn’t seen it before and knew nothing more than the name of the composer. It was good too, but my favourite was Magic Flute, somehow it suited better to play outdoors without the real opera house and stage. These open-air operas reminded me the great outdoor operas in Italy or I just have to say they made me think about that again. Years ago I really wanted to go and see something like that, but somehow it hasn’t been in my plans yet. But who knows, one step brings to another and maybe after some years I can say – done it, been there – as I can say now about the Dublin Opera in the Open.