We wish you a Merry Christmas


That was exactly how Dublin welcomed me this time. When I stepped out from the airport exit door, a children’s’ choir with red elf hats was standing in front of me and singing Christmas Carols. I think it’s such a good idea to give the children a reason to learn the Christmas Carol,s and every visitor of Dublin a special feeling when entering the country. So I got my special feeling and afterward when I was walking in the town and doing some window shopping it really felt like Christmas. All the Christmas lights, decorations, shop windows, music, crowds of people and Christmas tree, a bit on a wrong place this time, but somehow a bit taller, or maybe it just seemed to me like that.It’s hard to describe how happy do I feel to be back again. And how much I like that I am able to feel how Christmas make me happy and light-hearted.

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In the heart of the city where the shops are so pretty

Just trying to get into the right mood 🙂 Last summer I had a lot of time to walk around on my own and when the shortest ways to almost everywhere go through the shopping streets, and for cut offs you must even go through the shopping centres, I started to look at the shops a bit differently and found that they have a lot to tell. When I saw a bus driving by with the phrase from Molly Mallone turned into a shopping commercial, I couldn’t help, but just took a day and captured them with my camera. And here they are – the shops of Dublin, my favourite one is still Chapters, although I like lots of them pretty much.