I hate Doris, the Storm

I am a very frequent flyer and till now I have been very happy. Just one time I have missed my connection flight and even then it worked out quite smoothly. But today it seems that all the forces are against me and I really don’t know why. Usually, things keep happening when there’s a message that you haven’t noticed like I always get ill, when I am emotionally out, overworked or just weak inside. Then it can be explained like you have been put to bed to think about it all and make some changes. Ok, I don’t think myself so important that the storms happen because of me but somehow all the signs which I didn’t want to see were against me from the very beginning. But you don’t just miss your flight if some things are going wrong, you try to come over and go on and that’s what I did but this time it didn’t help.

So despite the snowstorm which had actually stopped when I started to drive to the airport at 2.30 am I was still sure that I will manage it and will get my Late Valentine’s Day and this almost stolen weekend in Dublin. The roads were snowy and slippery but I started early and could drive safely and reached the airport on time. Then my flight was delayed which meant, that I was going to miss my connection flight from Amsterdam. Even this didn’t make me feel bad or worry too much because I knew that there were still flights going to Dublin but then I didn’t know anything about the storm which was already in UK, Ireland and Netherlands. So it came out that my connection flight was cancelled and for rebooking, I had to queue for about 2-3 hours to get to know that the nearest flight would be the next day in the afternoon. That of course, got me quite out of my mind but there was nothing that I could do so I went to get the hotel voucher.

Then came the new information that it’s possible to rebook the flight to Cork for the same day and get the shuttle to Dublin. Of course, I wanted to do it but again I didn’t notice any signs but rushed happily to the desk and did it almost forcibly. The girl who was booking the flight failed about five times to get my data into the computer and I still didn’t think that maybe it would have been good to step back and get my hotel and fly on Friday. Oh, no, I was happy when she got it done at last and headed back and waited for the next 3 hours to get to know that the flight was cancelled again and the nearest time to get to Dublin is the day after tomorrow. That broke me down and got back to my senses and I realised that it is not going to work like that.

And here I am in the middle of the night in Amsterdam airport because when I realised that every try to get to Dublin for the weekend is just not working, I bought a new ticket back home, just without queuing and rebooking but doing it online and paying and extra money. F… the Doris, she ruined my plans and made us both sad, upset and hopeless. And I am not able to sleep at the airport, I still feel so restless and these million thoughts in my head are driving me crazy. And still, 9 hours to be sure that this flight won’t be cancelled.

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