Adams Family

The fabulous school musical at Belvedere College with unbelievable talented children. It was absolutely not less good as any other musical in London and I was so happy that I got this opportunity to go to see it. Just wish that once I can go and see the one where Little Sean is playing as well. Actually, I would like to see them all, I just like such kind of school performances so much – just ask me or give me the tickets 😀

VET connected … GET connected

8-file_005-1Wow – a seminar in a castle and not just in a castle but in a castle in Dublin, in Clontarf Castle. I have been trying to connect my work and my life, more of course in my dreams, a little bit less in a reality but for the first time I managed to do it properly – I applied for a grant for a contact seminar in Dublin and I got it. It was probably the one and the only Erasmus+ VET seminars that they have held in Dublin and I was lucky to find it at the right time. When I found it in September, it wasn’t such a right time because at the same time there were lots of different things going on and I kind of wrote this application standing behind my desk, with my left hand and talking on the phone or something very similar. But anyway, it worked.

And it was worth it because it was one of the best contact seminars that I have attended –  it was so well organized, the premises were perfect, the people were nice and friendly and hopefully, I got lots of new contacts, especially from Ireland. And I cannot leave out that it’s always good to meet people who are doing the same job and hear them talking about things that you have gone through. Even when you feel that you have lost all your energy to do that job any more, it somehow bumps you up and shows some things from a different angle.