Wedding in an Irish way

The purpose, why I went back to Dublin was because I was invited to a wedding and that means, that I am a part of the family as I have been told 🙂 What is good of course, I cannot say that I wasn’t afraid how it all goes, especially if you are not in a usual age to become a part of a family and I am talking of a huge family. Mine is a teeny-tiny one.

The Wedding wasn’t so awfully different. The most different  part was the church part, and it was very nice, warm and even funny. The priest was a young man and made some jokes and everybody seemed to feel really good and it wasn’t as official as I thought. Here the ceremonies are more official, at least it feels like that. Maybe it’s because going to the church isn’t a part of our everyday culture, but here in Ireland, it is, even if they keep telling that it’s not.

The party was quite similar to ours, even better. The better part was that everybody started to be in a right mood just from the very beginning and the Mexican musicians did their best to achieve it. After eating and drinking a lot, everyone just went dancing and enjoyed themselves in all different ways. For me, it was a really good experience, I met a lot of new people and they get to know me, so I am not some mysterious girlfriend from a strange country any more and of course I enjoyed the party a lot.