It’s not healthy to swallow books without chewing

Books make an important part of my life, not to say that in some life periods they have been the most important. Yes, there are better things, I know, but if talking about something that you can do alone, then books have been my cup of tea without any doubt.

books_irelandThe only thing that I haven’t learned yet is how to stay with the same book when you have loads of them around waiting to be read. That’s the reason why I have my bedroom books and my lunch table books, my English books and my safety books which I have read 25+ times, but still need to overread, my travelling books and books that I haven’t read yet but am going to read very soon, therefore I need them to be held somewhere near me just in case that I would like to peep into them now and then. That sounds still good like I could read more books, but it’s not always like that . It means also that sometimes some very good ones have been left and forgotten. Maybe it just has not been their time yet and they have much more to tell me some other time. That’s my explanation why I still haven’t got through two of Edward Rutherfurd’s, one of my favourite author’s, books which I bought just because I wanted to walk through the history of Ireland with him before I go there in my real life. We had matched so well when we were walking through London, had a journey through Russian history in “Russka” and not to mention wandering around in The Forest. And I so much wanted to get these books about Ireland and now I have spent my days with the Game of the Thrones, Merchant Princes, the Chronicles of Amber and lots of others.

I know why it happened, I have always considered reading to be something that you are enjoying alone, but actually, I found the joy of sharing and enjoying the same books with someone who really loves the same books. So maybe these two books are waiting for me to come back to them with my own Ireland experiences – just a little chewing time that I need to swallow them healthily 🙂

Ha’penny Bridge


This one is hanging on my living room wall. We haven’t met yet, but now when we have shared the living room for about a year I am quite sure that when we really meet, and this will take place the next week already, we will recognize each other pretty well.

The Ha’penny Bridge, known later for a time as the Penny Ha’penny Bridge, and officially the Liffey Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge built in 1816 over the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. That’s what Wikipedia tells about that. It also tells that it’s 43 m long.

I also chose my airport book, a month ago when I was travelling to Malta again just because of the annotation on the back cover – Christine Rose is crossing the  Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger 🙂 ok, I know exactly that I am not going to look for any stranger on  Ha’penny Bridge but the name of the book “How to Fall in Love” somehow spoke to me, not to mention the Bridge that has hung on my wall for a year. The questions that begin with “How to ..” have been my topic for the past years and although I haven’t written them down anywhere, what of course could have been a great idea, I have struggled with them in my mind quite a lot and not always figured out the right answers. But nobody is perfect, but I am pretty close as my fridge magnet tells me every day and what’s a part of my personal positive thinking, even if it sounds too self-centered.  So the significant words  “Ha’penny Bridge” and “How to …” made me choose it and the proverb that suggests never to judge the book by it’s cover was a bit useless this time, because it was a fun reading for my Malta week and helped me to mix my responsibilities with my desire for relaxing. And it helped me to pass the time and to get nearer to my real  Ha’penny Bridge experience.