Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys is an Irish TV-comedy which has become one of my favourites. Before my Dublin time, I hadn’t heard anything about that but somehow it was one of the first things that I got to see and started to like a lot.

This is a story of a very Irish family, where Mrs Brown, played by a male actor Brendan O’Carroll who has also created the whole story, is a mother of 4 grown up sons and one daughter who are living in Dublin. All the characters in this show are so funny and real and talking with such a cute Dublin accent so that sometimes it’s a bit difficult for me to get all the jokes. But I must say that I have done pretty well and if I don’t get something at once, I will just ask. For me, it’s a real insight into the life of a real Irish family with all this humour, sincerity and strength that the people have got here. And I have always admired the art of making fun of yourself, it shows that the person gets on well with his or her own inner self and is happy and full of life.

A year ago, just at Christmas time, I saw the movie – D’Movie – which was on TV for the first time and in which Agnes Brown had to fight over the right of having her stall at Moore street in Dublin. I don’t care if some people say that it’s not funny, I just liked it, and especially how the actors enjoyed making that movie. And I also liked to recognize the places in the heart of Dublin.

“Mrs Brown’s Boys” is quite a Family project because of Agnes Brown, of course, Brendan O’Carroll is actually the husband of his daughter Cathy, and not the mother but the father of his son Buster in a real life. Besides that, there are two more of his grandchildren and also his sister having roles in this show.

In Estonia, we have had something quite similar and as popular as “Mrs Brown’s Boys”, which was also a TV-show, where male actors played the female parts, actually the male parts as well. It was about two middle-aged old-school couples, who were trying to get used to the life in the new Estonian Republic. After being one of the most popular TV-shows for years, it was also made into a movie. Unfortunately, the movie was not so funny any more, or we had just got tired of Maie and Valdur, these were the names of the main characters.


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