Christmas is near again

It seems that Santa has noticed me again 🙂 it has started to happen since my close connection to Ireland, so it makes me think that maybe he’s Irish and doesn’t live on the North Pole at all. Ok, I know that he isn’t but being together with someone who really likes Christmas and when he’s Irish, it just makes you think like that. And it also makes you like Christmas a bit differently than before – it feels like you are a child again who gets excited about all these lights, shop windows, TV-programs, cute little bric-a-brac in the shops and of course the presents. It’s a good feeling and why can’t I enjoy being a child again after my own children have grown up. Actually, it feels nice to be spoiled a little and it really feels amazing to be loved so much.

And now I would like to send my wish somewhere there – and this is my only wish and it has to be heard. Christmas time is the time for all the wishes and miracles to come true and I just have only this one. I hope that it reaches the right place.

Here is what Santa said to me with the help of The Love of My Life 🙂 And there are just 15 days to count, so I am almost there.



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