The Legend of Tarzan

This time, we  visited the Cineworld cinema in Parnell Street. This cinema is much newer than the Savoy and has 14 different showing rooms.

Probably till now I was the only one left who  had no experiences with 3D movies, but now I have done it. Somehow I have missed it, maybe because we don’t have the 3D cinema in Haapsalu and maybe because I am so used to watch all my movies online, so I must say that even haven’t thought about it. But as this opportunity came, of course, I took it and it was quite interesting. Maybe we were sitting too close to the screen, because sometimes, especially when there were people only, taken very close, it bothered me, but it was quite different with the big nature scenes and so I think it was the right movie to try it. Ok, I am not such a big fan of Tarzan, but somehow this story captured me when I was a child. I think that was my granny who told me about it because we didn’t have that book, or if there was one, it was published during the times of the first Estonian Republic, and that made it much more exciting. Later, of course, I saw the movie with Johnny Weismüller on Finnish TV and read some kind of a book as well. But the thing that I most remember about Tarzan was one old song about the jungle and animals and Tarzan who is guarding over the sleeping jungle and his little son 🙂

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