Game of the Thrones

We both are the great fans of “Game of the Thrones” and that’s why we kept ourselves from watching the 6th season because we wanted to watch it together. I was the one who started to read the books first and then, of course, I recommended them and as we both like fantasy books they soon became our favourites. After reading all the five books we started to watch the series too and in spite of some differences between the books and the movies, we still love both of them.

As George Martin couldn’t release the 6th book before the movie, we were really curious to see the 6th season because we didn’t have a clue what was going on. Ok, I have to confess that I knew about Jon Snow and unfortunately I also knew about poor Hodor, but it was really hard to not notice it all in social media, especially that I have trafficked it all to my Facebook 😀

And after all that waiting and torturing ourselves we did all these 10 parts of the 6th season with 3 evenings. Wow, I have to say that this was the best season ever and now we cannot wait the 7th coming out. The good thing is that now I can start to read again all these articles with spoilers for the 6th season and the predictions for the next part which I had to avoid for some months because I didn’t want to spoil the whole fun of watching it in Dublin together. Here are some of the best actors of “Game of the Thrones“.

Here are the Top 7 Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions, so let’s wait and see 🙂

Baking bread in Dublin

All the Estonians say that the thing they miss more than anything else when they are abroad is rye bread. Actually, I have to admit that I don’t miss rye bread so much because usually, I eat more wholemeal bread at home and so it’s funny that one of the first things that we did together, this time, was baking a rye bread 🙂

That’s because there was a bread baking machine which had been never used and it was just exciting to try it and the smell of the freshly baked rye bread is one of the best things that I know. But I have to say that it tasted as good as it smelled and it was so easy to do it with this machine. We just had to put all the ingredients into the machine and that was it – nothing else because everything was done by the machine and we just had to wait when it all got ready. The next time we are going to try the wholemeal bread and then we can make up our minds which of these was these best one.