Laya City Spectacular – the biggest free summer festival in Ireland


The Street performers festival Laya City Spectacular has been taking place in Dublin and Cork for 11 times already and I have been visiting the last three of them. As I always come at the beginning of July, I have spent my first weekend visiting that festival, taking place at Merrion Square park. It is mostly meant for families and children, except my very first time in 2014, when they had also two days full of music – different young musicians from Dublin – who performed inside the park. Now it is mostly for different street performers like acrobats, magicians, jugglers and painters all over the world.

This year there was also a big street food festival JustEat going on beside the park. The whole street was covered with a grass carpet and different kind of food was sold from the stalls. There was also a small stage for the musicians, but as it was straight on the street, where people were passing by, it was a bit too loud and the musicians were also not so good as they were at the 2014 festival.

As the weather was really nice, we spent a lot of time there, walking around, watching the performers and listening to the music and got even caught by a photographer who asked if he can take photos of us for the JustEat webpage. So now we have the proof that we really took part at the festival 🙂

Click HERE and see all the pictures taken by the photograph Allen Kiely from Akdigital – Digital Agency

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