It’s Sushi time

This was the first time for both of us to make sushi at home but it was also something that we had wanted to try for a long time. At first, we went through several different videos on Youtube and picked out the tips and tricks we loved the most. Then we planned to go to the Asian shop, which is also one of my favourite places here in Dublin but on our way, we couldn’t help but popped into the most favourite place – The Chapters – my favourite bookshop and without any planning bought a nice book about making sushi. After that of course, we went to the Asian shop, bought the sushi mat, some pickled ginger, rice vinegar (which was a totally new thing for me), and the seaweed sheets and came back to start with the best part – making sushi.

We used smoked salmon, fish sticks, shrimps, avocado, cucumber and mango slices, also some cream cheese and of course rice, that was mixed with the rice vinegar which gave the rice the right taste. The most interesting part was the rolling, and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it could be, actually it was not difficult at all because the mat really helps to keep it all together and as the rice is sticky, it all stays well and tight.

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