A day full of history

It was time to get to know the old Dublin and have a sight into the historical background. On one hand I was a bit sad that I didn’t read these Edward Rutherfurd’s books before coming, but on the other hand, I will be pretty more educated when I go back and start to read them. I am sure that I am able to enjoy them more when I have more connections with the real Irish history and it all makes more sense to me.

4We started the day from the Dublin Castle, where we visited the Chester Beatty Library which is situated in the castle building. It’s a collection of manuscripts, books, and miniatures that belonged to the mining magnate sir Chester Beatty and is now displayed a free exhibition.  You can find items from almost all the countries in the world and they are exposed as Wester collections, East Asian collections, and Islamic collections.

Then we headed out to see the two churches that are both situated quite near there. Despite Ireland being a Catholic country, these churches were both protestant churches. And for a catholic country, it’s surprising that they have used their empty churches in very curious ways like using them as night clubs, pubs, and tourism information centres, which is a nice way to keep them as a part of a modern society.

We also entered the Christ Church and climbed to the St Michel’s Tower where there was a really nice view on the town, even despite the rainy weather.

The next step was going back to the roots and investigate where did it all start and who were the first to settle down in Ireland. We went to Dublinia to see the Viking times and some Medieval history of Dublin. And guess what, the Viking didn’t come just only from Scandinavia, but also from Estonia, so we could have the same roots. Yes, I knew that already, but it was nice to see it written on the wall and to point it out with pleasure.

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