Around Cork



It’s my first trip out of Dublin and it happens because someone’s sister lives near Cork 🙂 At first about three hours by car and here we are, in a nice house in the middle of the fields in a place called Crosshaven. And we are going to stay here for three days.


1-1The first place we visit is a small town Kinsale which has a fort which is called the Charles Fort, a historical port and a lot of nice colourful picturesque houses. It is located about 25 km-s south of Cork and sits at the mouth of the river Bandon with only a bit more than 2000 people. But I believe that in a summer time they have lots of tourists wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere of the town.

They have a big yacht port as well and a nice promenade to walk and enjoy the yachts beside you.

Here is a collection of my favourite houses in Kinsale:

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And the tiny Hat Shop with lots of beauties 🙂

And a tiny Chocolate Shop with handmade chocolate, yummie …



And something that reminded me Haapsalu, unfortunately, we didn’t see the Hotel itself




And some good advice here and there, why not 🙂

On our way back we stopped and counted the Irish cows and enjoyed the landscape. I still don’t know how many cows were there, but quite a lot.

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