Bye bye Haapsalu, Hello Dublin :)

IMG_3033It has been nice here, what else do you expect from a summer resort town at the seaside. We have got just these three summer months and sometimes the weather is not on our side, but this year it has been and it’s possible to feel the peaceful spirit of this little town which is so quiet and abandoned during the winter time. All the cafés are open and the tables are set outside, each one of them is offering tasty cakes, so it is hard to choose the one you really want because they are so filling and melting in your mouth and unfortunately you are not able to eat more than one at a time. The promenade is beautiful as always and people are just wandering around without any reason and finding their way on the terraces of the cafés. And the most important – the sun is shining and it’s warm and you can wear your summer clothes at last.

IMG_3037I really hope that it will stay the same until August when we are coming back and we will be able to enjoy the warm and dark August nights. I am a bit afraid that I will be missing my new bicycle because I have had it just for some days and it looks so very summer resort like and fits here so well. But at the same time, I am longing for Dublin and Ireland and my month ahead and all the nice plans which all I even don’t know at the moment. That’s the best part every time – just follow your inner feeling and it comes out the best. Actually, I like to have two homes, the better thing could only be to have two summers as well.

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