A quick weekend in autumn

After my work trip to London, I took the weekend to make my own trip to Dublin. We didn’t tell about it to anyone, so the surprise that I caused with my entrance to my boyfriend’s sister’s place was exactly as big  as we planned.

It was nice to be back, even as for such a short time as I had. And as everything has gone well in London too, I was really relaxing and enjoying my time. In London, I was happy to see Mamma Mia musical, and now one of my main dreams is to go to see a musical together. I could be in London, it could be in Dublin, or it could be in Tallinn as well, but as we both like musicals, and we have never had a chance to go there together, I would have to start to wish it and take it into practice very soon.

I didn’t take any photos this time, but I took some in London, where I really had time to walk around and take pictures.

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