The colourful doors of Dublin

When you walk around on the southern side of the Liffey river you can admire the Georgian houses and the colourful doors which are very significant to Dublin, found on postcards and tourism magazines. If you look closely you can see that every single door is like an artwork and there are no similar doors side by side. It’s said that back in Georgian times the people were allowed to paint their doors whatever colour their wanted and of course, everyone wanted to differ from their neighbours and added some ornaments, iron knockers, fanlights above the doors or differently shaped windows. Everyone wanted their door to look the best. It’s also said that it all started with two writers, who didn’t want the other one to knock on his door when coming home drunk in the middle of the night. So one of them painted his door green and the other one red. Who knows if it’s true, but it’s a funny story and quite Irish too.

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