My first Erasmus+ students in Ireland

In November when I attended the seminar “VET connected – GET connected in Dublin, Clontarf Castle, seems, that I did a good work because now we have partners in four different Irish schools and one in North Ireland as well.

Erasmus+ helps the students of vocational schools to get some foreign experiences and do their placement in some other European country. So it means that if we want to send our students, some other school has to host them, help them to find working places and we do the same for their students. And what’s the role of Eramsus+ program? Erasmus+ finances their stay, flights, accommodation and food, isn’t that great. Of course, before that, I must write a project which has to be accepted, only after that the school gets the money and can send the students to European countries.

We were lucky to start a new project just before my coming and so the first students who are studying Nature tourism arrangement, came to Dublin on the 5th of July to start their 4-weeks experience in Westport. I went to meet them at the airport and brought them to Heuston Station. As Erasmus+ supports Life Long Learning and in Estonia, the age doesn’t matter and you can study a new profession at any age, these students are quite mature and I don’t have to worry about their stay at all.


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