Newbridge House in Donabate

Newbridge House is the next nice site at Dublin’s neighbourhood where I had never been. It’s a real Georgian Mansion where we had a very private tour, just the three of us. The guide was an old gentleman who was really into the history of this place and of course, he knew every single person on every single painting and was able to tell us lots of stories of all the inhabitants who had lived there.

As there were just only three of us, he let us hold some old vases, which could be expensive as hell and we were asked to step over the barriers to see everything very close. That’s why I like those guided tours here – they are all run by real fanatics in the best way. It’s amazing to see people who love their work so much and whose knowledge is so large and who are able to talk about it so that you really see the life and the people they are talking about.

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