Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017

I love to stay at home on New Year’s Eve. For me, it’s perfect to have some nice delicious food, watch some nice shows on TV and drink some sparkling wine at midnight and feel that I am loved, happy and enjoying the moment when looking forward to the New Year to come and surprise me.

newyeareve_dinnerThis year we planned to do it quite the same way – we cooked our NewYear’s dinner, ok, Sean cooked, I just stayed there beside and enjoyed it. This time we had a duck with vegetables and of course, some snacks before and also during the night. I have cooked lots of New Year’s dinners on my own, and also lots of Christmas dinners – all the time when there were just me and my children and sometimes my neighbours, and now, when my children are grown up and having their own Christmas in different parts of the world (who could imagine that years ago), I am just happy to enjoy, that someone is doing that for me and my part is just to be there and enjoy it.

After the dinner, we went to see the Sky Dance – the next show that was taking place at the Custom House. We were well prepared, booked the FREE tickets online and printed them out and took a walk down to the river. It was good that we noticed that the free tickets had to be printed out to get to see the show.

The Sky Dance was very different from anything I had seen before – the dancers were up in the sky, hanging from the tall cranes over the river, on the top of the Custom House and climbing on the walls of the building. that was an amazing way to end the year, with all these flying angels, drummers and girls with floating dresses above your head.

After that, we headed back home to watch Dawn French show and enjoy the Old Tallinn Irish Coffee – a delicious mix of Estonia and Ireland that probably no-one else in Ireland had for their New Year’s Eve 🙂 Ok, there’s not such a secret, you just have to use Old Tallin liqueur instead of Baileys but of course you have to have some Old Tallinn to do that.

And then the New Year Came, 2 hours later than in Estonia 🙂 and we opened our sparkling wine. I hope that all my wishes that I sent to the Place Where the Wishes are Created to Reality are gaining their strength to come back to the real life during this year.

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