Christmas 2016

It’s not the best thing to get the flu at Christmas time but this year I was so unlucky to have it. It wasn’t the worst type of flu, not a high temperature which would have kept me in bed but just an annoying and long-lasting bad feeling, headache and cold and so I couldn’t enjoy the Christmas parties as much I would have wanted to. And as it didn’t start with a high temperature I supposed that it would pass with some pills and didn’t pay enough attention at first but unfortunately, it didn’t and so I had to keep myself going with taking pills and suffering from a headache the whole Christmas days.

But anyway, there was a lot of nice things too, like the presents and loads of good food that I didn’t have to cook but only enjoy, nice wine, nice people around me and fun and joy. And I must say that I still enjoy these Christmas Crackers with the stupid jokes that nobody understands, ok they do and I also do but sometimes I have to read them twice to get the fun out of it. This year I got to know that besides these jokes there are also some Charade things written on the paper clips and we had a lot of fun with all that. When we got done with the Crackers but still didn’t feel that we are really done, one of the girls showed us an app game, which was quite a similar. for example, you had to guess the names of the Christmas Carols or other Christmassy things, just by watching the others acting them out. Not so easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t have the same background and language 🙂 Try to guess the word “cupcake” just by some movement if you even don’t exactly know the word. But I am very proud that I guessed “The Winter Wonderland” and the whole line of Jingle Bells, which was “the one-horse open sleigh”. And not to mention that I still had my flu.

A lot of photos were taken as well, and I am still hopeful to get some one day but as I didn’t feel well, I was not very eager to take any on my own. Here is just one of our Christmas table before we started to eat.