Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them

I had been waiting for that for such a long time and now I was even lucky enough to go to see it in Dublin. This time again with chose the big cinema near Pennies and altogether it was my fifth time to go to the cinema in Dublin. The movie was as good as I expected and of course, I would have wanted to have more of it – much more background of the characters and answers to all my why questions.

I really like that J K Rowling has gone back in the history and started to dig up all the secrets that were in this wizarding world long before Harry Potter Times. And as there are still 4 movies coming I hope that she has enough time to show the background and all the answers to my why questions. But anyway, I can’t hide that I would have wanted a book as well, not a script, but a real book with real descriptions and surveys of the past, hidden thoughts, dreams and hints of the main characters. Now I can only wait and see.

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