The Blessington street Basin

Just a day before I had to fly back we visited another nice hidden park, just beside our home. Funny, that I had never been there because it was so close. The Blessington Street Basin had been a water reservoir in the past and after that made into a public park.

It was such an old small place, with a pond with the water birds in the middle and narrow walking path around it. Sean said it’s a place where the parents bring their children to feed ducks and because of that, there was a big board where you could read what the water birds eat and what they don’t eat and what can you find from the park to give them. That’s a good idea and helps you to explain to your children that the birds don’t eat the same things that you fancy and very often it could be very dangerous to feed them with a wrong stuff.

Clontarf Castle

It seems that I was lucky to get a financing for a contact seminar in Dublin. The seminar is going to take place in November in Clontarf Castle and as I was here for a weekend, we made a little trip there to be sure that I will find it. The venue looks gorgeous – the old and new are mixed well together and I think I will be pretty happy to even stay here for a night. I will wait for the real program and see if there’s an urgent need to stay there or is it possible to come back home and go again in the morning. Both variants will work for me now and somehow I really feel curious to stay there at least for the first night and take as much as I can out of this contact seminar.

file_004The seaside region looked really nice, even from the window of the bus and it’s again such kind of a posh place to live. I love Dublin because of all these differences you can find from different parts of the town. For me, of course, the seaside regions seem the most attractive but it has always been like that with every seaside place I have been. And in any case I caressed the lions, maybe it doesn’t only work at Trafalgar Square  but with any other lions as well. I really want to come back here and I can confirm it with whatever it needs, so caressing the lions is just one of these little cute beliefs that you can just do, when you want to send your wish somewhere out there 🙂

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Perculiar Children

As we both love Fantasy books and movies and the movie of Miss Peregrine and her Peculiar Children had just come to the cinemas in Dublin and so we went to see it. I was the only one who had read the first 2 books the big and the Little Seans had just seen the trailers but we all liked it. Little Sean was a bit confused about the time travelling storyline because he didn’t expect it by watching the trailers. Big Sean had probably listened to my thoughts about the books and now got excited to read them too.