National Botanic Gardens


My last summer day in Dublin ended up in the National Botanic Gardens which I had only glanced when we drove past of it in July. The Botanic Gardens are like a big park with nice old greenhouses and totally free to enter, so again, a perfect place for families to spend a lovely day outside and teach their kids something new when enjoying and having fun together.

We are a small family without young kids but always able to enjoy new things together and have a lot of fun every single time. This time, I didn’t forget to bring my selfie-stick, so we tried to use it as much as we could and now I have such a collection of flowers and us among all this beauty.

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland are old, they were founded in 1750 by the Dublin Society. for example, our first Mud Cure resort of Haapsalu was founded 75 years later (1825) and our Promenade and the park around it even after that. Nowadays it inhabits more than 20 000 living species and I think the best part are all these big old trees with labels and stories besides them so every time you feel that you want to get to know a bit more, you just have to walk to the tree and read about it.

The old glasshouses,  the Palm House and the Curvilinear Range are amazing too, especially because of their architecture, both build in the 19-th century. The whole park is divided into different gardens and it is easy to follow the signs and walk around. I am sure we have to come back in May or June when everything is really blooming because this place is worth to visit more than once.

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