All the roads from London take you to Dublin

Again I have a work trip to London and of course, I make up a plan, that I will escape to Dublin for the weekend. The flight companies are on my side and they offer especially cheap tickets for these days, so there’s nothing to hold me back.

The main topic for this visit is Eurovision, which is not too happy to the both of us because both, Estonia and Ireland, didn’t make it to the finals, but we don’t let it spoil our mood and we keep watching all the semifinals and the final concert on Saturday. And even the victory of Ukraine doesn’t ruin it, in spite that we are supporting Australia because we just want to know what will happen if Australia will win. Ok, the song and the singer were good too. But this year we are not going to get to know it and we don’t care, the best thing is that we could spend some days together.

We also went to see the exhibition of 10 drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, which is a choice from the Royal Collection and was shown in Dublin Art Museum. So after all these museums in London, and there were actually three of them – the Natural History Museum, the London Museum, and the Portrait Museum, I have also seen the original drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Well done 🙂

And London was blooming 🙂 in Dublin it was much colder.

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