Happy New Year

Now it’s 2016 already, sounds good 🙂 When you sum all the numbers together it will be 9, and 9 is my life number, so it must be a good year for me.

As a year before there was a New Year Parade and it was written on the Internet that there was supposed to be also a Luminosity Show, but as it came out, we were looking for it at a wrong place. This time, it wasn’t on the Trinty College wall, but on some other building near St Stefan’s Green and we found it out when it was over already.

The parade was great, maybe a bit smaller that last year, and there were not so many different vehicles, bicycles, and costumes, but quite enough to enjoy it. The weather was really cold and when the parade over I was really frozen, the first time I felt so frozen in Dublin. So the only way to get some warmth is to go home and make some Irish coffee and start to wait for the new year.

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