Walking around on a cloudy day

Weather is the only thing I can complain in Dublin. I know that we have mostly the same, but our summers are still warmer and if we are lucky we can get the sunshine for weeks. Here you never know what you need when you go out. Definitely, you don’t need an umbrella because usually it also very windy and it is so easy to lose it if it’s not raining, but more likely you need a raincoat, that fits into your bag, warm jumper, good flat shoes which don’t get wet and don’t have open toes and underneath you need also some summer blouse because it might get warm for 15 minutes during the day, and if you’re lucky, then even for more. Unfortunately, you never need summer dresses without sleeves, minidresses, shorts or tops, ok, maybe some tops if you don’t forget to take your jumper and raincoat.

Here are some photos of a typical cloudy day by river Liffey, I was lucky, I didn’t need my raincoat.