Spring is somewhere near Dublin

I was happy to get some warm days in France but that was exactly what I was expecting. But I wasn’t expecting to feel such a spring feeling in Dublin and that’s why it made me really very happy, especially that I knew that in Estonia I would be facing quite a winter when I get back again. So one day before I had to go we went to the St Stephens Green and to Iveagh Gardens, one of my favourite places, and enjoyed a real sunny spring day and tried to get everything out of it.

Maybe because my first day in Dublin was a long walk through all these parks or maybe that I just like to walk in the parks but every time when I go to some of the parks in Dublin I feel so happy and worry less and eager to start to put all my dreams into practice. Maybe I just have to spend some more time in the parks or in Dublin.

And here are some nice moments from Iveagh Gardens, the hidden gem among Dublin parks. One day I would like to come to listen to some concert here.

We ended the day in an Indian restaurant and enjoyed some delicious food and celebrated our birthdays again. Two years ago we did it in the same restaurant.

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