Walking in Temple Bar

Temple Bar is not just a bar, but the whole area full of different bars and pubs, hustle and bustle, mostly meant for attracting the tourists, but at the same time something you cannot leave out if you are visiting Dublin the first time. I was taken there on my first day in Dublin and straight into the Temple Bar – now I am talking about a bar, named Temple Bar and located in the Temple Bar area, the one with the Unknown Whiskey Drinker and a request to return him back to the pub when found. To make it more confusing, there is also a Temple street, which is not even near to the Temple Bar, but actually on the other side of the river.

This time, I was just wandering around in the temple Bar area, watched the street musicians, the hordes of tourists who were going to leave their money into the bars, the Leprechaun who was doing his best making the tourists stepping into the pub, took some photos of the gorgeous bar fronts and headed back home to have my dinner.

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