Easter time in Dublin

This year our Easter time was the time of computer nerds šŸ™‚ But a lot of work got done and a lot of pieces were fixed, just to the places where they were supposed to fit and they did. And the peace that was in my mind settled down there and started to feel itself like at home. I love that feeling.

Anyway, I walked around here and there and for my surprise found the Big Easter Event just some steps from my home. OK, I knew that it was there, but somehow I had forgotten it, or just it didn’t fit into the computer nerds’ world.

I guess it was interestingĀ because it woke up a bit of historical Dublin and definitely I will go and see it on some other Easter, but this time I just got some pieces and a lot of crowds all around that.

Here are some pieces of Easter just some steps from my home.


I had also a good opportunity to meet some new cousins from England and we had a nice family dinner on Sunday. I think that there are so many cousins whom I have never met and I cannot even imagine if I can remember them all by name. But the best part was that I could understand them all quite well and after being shy for a while I even started to talk. Unfortunately, every time when that happens and I feel that I am confident enough to talk, my time is done and I have to fly back. But one day it will change and I will skip this being shy period.


Of course, I couldn’t leave without scrambled eggs, I never do that. Here are my personal scrambled eggs and I have never got anything better. And the asparagus was delicious.

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