Poor is the life without Music

I tried to remember my first touch with Irish music and the only thing I can remind is an old song about Ireland from my childhood. I have tried to find it, but as I don’t know the author or the heading in English, it’s not possible to find it anywhere and unfortunately I cannot find it even in Estonian. The song was a sad one, someone was leaving Ireland to find a job in New York and all the song was about how he missed the land and his loved ones. I don’t know why this song was sung in Estonian, maybe it was a bit connected with all these people who had to leave Estonia during the war and were living all over the world and missing their loved ones. That was what I thought when I heard it. The song has a very beautiful melody and such kind of longing words. I even remember the words quite well if I’m going to think about that.
When I started to watch Eurovision Song Contest and it was exactly in 1976, Ireland has always been among my favourites, because they sang in English and they had really capturing melodies. Very often the songs became quite famous and were even translated and sung by Estonian singers. Eurovision was a great thing for a teenager who was missing the real pop music from the wide world and through the Finnish TV, it was possible to get it right at home. To get it for a longer time than only that Great Night we recorded the songs and played them again and again. From these teenage years, one of my favourites was that one, it’s so 70s 🙂 and cannot be taken very seriously today, but it was very nice to meet it again. Anyway, they don’t lie, it is nice to be in love again, try if you don’t believe it.  Is there anybody else who remembers that? I mean the song of course 🙂 I doubt a lot. But anyway, it got the third place in 1977.

YouTube helped me to find all kinds of oldies and so once I found Dana and “All Kinds of Everything”. That song didn’t reach Estonia, although a lot of others from this time period did. Actually one of the most beautiful pure and simple songs of the 60/70-s Eurovision style of music. It’s the winner of Eurovision 1970.

Yes, of course, I remember Johnny Logan and his two heartbreaking songs that became well known and spread even to my country. Wow, this is so beautiful even today.

And now comes my favourite. This song has a story and somehow it talks to me. It’s one of the most beuatiful Eurovision songs all through the years. And of course it was also the winner – Rock’n roll Kids Paul Harrington and Charlie McG, 1994.

And I cannot leave out the angel song “Voice” which was so Irish for me when they came out with that. It’s like from a Fairy Land and I think it was a reason that I liked Enya so much. When I was reading “The Mists of Avalon”, that song seemed to be the perfect one to be from that land.  The winner again, in 1996.

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