You’ll be right at home in the Land of Saints and Scholars

That’s what the QUIZ 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Ireland” told me when I got 12 points out of 15. So I got to know 3 new things and it’s not bad at all.

Now I know that:

– the famous Irish musical group that was celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012 was The Chieftains, I must say that I don’t know the group, but I found it on YouTube and here is:

– the last port of call for the Titanic before its fateful voyage was Cobh, County Cork – I have to say that I had heard that before but wasn’t sure about the right town.  The RMS Titanic launched from Belfast harbor on April 8, 1912, for her first—and only—voyage, stopping at Southampton, England, and then at Cherbourg, France, to pick up more passengers. The last port of call before the steamship set out into the Atlantic Ocean was at Cobh (then known as Queenstown) in County Cork, where another 123 travelers came aboard.

a steam-powered carousel is not a part of the famous Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow,but as I have never been to Wicklow County I couldn’t know it, but when I went through the Daily Trips from Dublin the Powerscourt Estate somehow caught my eye and I remembered that Wicklow was called the Garden of Ireland. How could I not expect Japanese Gardens there? With the same Wicklow County trip, the village of Avoca was also mentioned, the place where Ballykissangel was filmed. Why didn’t they ask a question about that?

BTW, the Quiz is found on the right menu bar.



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