painting_2Dublin Accent came to my life two years ago when I was quite ready to let something new entering. Actually, it started to show up even earlier, dropping some pieces here and there, then fading away, to come back again, soon making me think about sweet little things that make life worth living but tend to be left just into the back of your mind.

I didn’t know that for reaching this I had to make a trip to Malta, a place I hadn’t thought about even in my dreams, look deeply into my own eyes and confess that life is full of things that I love, but have avoided because of hundreds of reasons and missed at the same time. That was not a surprise for me, I had known it even before that, but somehow the things started to change and I promised myself to remember the feeling of dreaming and sending wishes into the open air and believing that they could be heard. It’s not so easy to follow these rules when you come back to your routine, but the routine was the thing I wanted to get out of.

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