My first own Christmas Pudding in an Irish way

The real Christmas pudding is baked weeks before Christmas and for my surprise, before Christmas, it is baked again. For me, the name Christmas Pudding associated only with old British children’s books and I had never even seen it, nevertheless, I had an idea how it was cooked. So I just knew that one of all these puddings was made especially for me. And we ate it up in a way as it was eaten and liked in my boyfriend’s childhood – fried with butter and served with whipped cream. And I have to say, that it tasted good, it tasted a bit like a lot of warm gingerbread  but not as a crispy gingerbread, but the one which is soaked in a Christmas spiced juice.

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas time is beautiful in Dublin. All the streets are decorated with lights and the windows of the shops look marvellous. Near St Steven’s Green a small Christmas Market was opened, but I have to say, that our Christmas Market’s are bigger. But anyway, it was nice and smelled good and everywhere were choirs singing Christmas Carols and merry people wandering around and getting into the Christmas Mood.

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And besides all that glory, we had really nice Christmas.

One more statue


And here I am again, just as I promised, taking my photo with Philip Lynott from Thin Lizzy, known also as Ace with a Base. Their best-known hit was the 1973 classic “Whiskey in the Jar”.

At least now I know where to find this statue, before that I remembered that I had seen it, but I didn’t remember the exact place. It’s just one left turn from the Grafton street.